The view from here

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a room in a turret?

One would be creative and inspired just by being in that room — the rounded walls creating space for uninhibited imagination; the feeling of being in a castle, of being part of history; curling up in that cozy space by the window to read and dream and be inspired;  your artwork influenced at the changing skies and seasons.

A few months ago I drove into the city to pick up some pieces from a gallery show and happened to park across the street from this house.  At first I was taken aback.  What a waste!  Then I laughed and felt disappointed for the people living there.   Really!? You could actually reach over from your room and open the neighbour’s window!   Yikes!

Ah, yeah.  Life doesn’t always give us everything we imagine.

Sometimes it’s all about perspective.

So, the view is somewhat ‘less than optimal’  Can we change how we look at it?   The proximity could be kinda cool if your best friend lived in that room just outside your window.  How fun would that be?  You could read poetry and pass homemade cookies to a shut-in next door or they could pass you chocolate and red wine at 2 am when you are working toward a deadline…

Turn your back to the window, pull the blind and look within.  The room is still round, the walls are beautifully curved.  It is still a turret. And, we were just imagining all that other stuff anyways.

So… we still can


what it could look like

what we can feel

what we can see

outside that window

what we could create

within those walls.


Sometimes it’s all about perspective.

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