Joie de vivre!

I had the privilege of being one of the artists-at-work during the Canada Day celebrations in Winnipeg this year. What a great day that was working alongside Tourisme Riel and La Maison des artistes folks!

I had a number of sculptures with me in various stages of completion and was working on a 2D piece – the reclaimed red wool coat matched the occasion. I had great conversations with people from many countries and provinces. We discussed wool, shepherdesses, fibre festivals, my process and tools, art, workshops, and of course, the weather and friendly Manitobans.

Luckily I had planned for the wind,  purchasing a large plexiglass cube that prevented most of my pieces from flying off the table while creating a nice grouping to attract visitors.

Artist Benj Funk with finished piece after a long afternoon of painting on Canada Day in Winnipeg.

Artist Benj Funk on Esplanade Riel Canada Day 2017

Some of my wool locks were lost to the wind though. Hopefully they didn’t end up in neighbouring artist Benj Funk’s painted canvas,  or someone’s ice-cream!

We were set up just off the Provencher Bridge in Saint Boniface where many people enjoyed the Canada Day activities in the French Quarter on their way to The Forks.

It was a great opportunity to demonstrate  art with a medium that is not well known.  I had some unfinished needle-felted pieces on the table for people to touch (a head and hand) as well as different kinds of wool to demonstrate the various textures and lovely colours.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to say hello and introduce themselves.  Nice to meet people I’ve been corresponding with by email.  Your interest and support is very much appreciated.

And, weren’t those fireworks the best!?!

I’m in Winnipeg again July 15 for the opening of the Manitoba Rural and Northern Juried Art Show at the Edge Gallery.  Come say hello.


Tourisme Riel

La Maison des artistes francophones



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