several "Neighbours" at Riding Mountain National Park

One face at a time

These days I try to be conscious of the words I am using. I am not stuck at home.  I am safe at home.

My commute is four steps down from the kitchen and down the hall past a pile of boxes (mostly books and art supplies) that are still awaiting sorting and unpacking after our move to this house. I will get to those … one day.

It is a luxury for artists to stay at home and create, however, these days it is difficult to concentrate knowing that our world is in such turmoil. I worry about my neighbours, my loved ones, myself.

My studio is full of beautiful wool supplied by Canadian producers who are kind, hard-working people who care about their communities. The wool is heaven in my hands. I feel the connection to these people and to the earth. The focussed act of needle-felting is calming and meditative and working on these sculptures helps me communicate thoughts and feelings. A perfect antidote to stress.

I know that I should be putting my sculptures on social media and am embarrassed that I have not updated my web site in a while. Somehow family and friends and creating always win out.

When I started my Neighbours series my intent was to change the world one face at a time.

I guess I can’t do that if the faces are not out there in galleries and shops. One way to do it is on line. I should take the time to do that, between making, and keeping in touch with family and friends. I hope to do better than the unboxing…

Today I am putting out a few links to the faces that are important to me and my work. They are some of the outstanding people who supply the material for my art.

Sheep at Spirit Sands Shepherds in Carberry, Manitoba.

Gerry Oliver of Spirit Sands Shepherds in Carberry, Manitoba is a trusted source of knowledge about heritage breeds. Her flock provides award winning wool to artists across the country.

Profile Gerry Oliver

bag overflowing with clean wool

Ready for the carder or the dye batt — a cloud of washed wool at Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs Alberta. Maddy and her great crew are innovative and community minded. They are forever working on quality, sustainable products. Their dye garden is a source of delicious colours.

Now … back to making…

3 thoughts on “One face at a time

  1. “…safe at home.” So very true, Rosemarie, when, admist this crisis we take the time to reposition our perspective and embrace a more positive state of mind and being.
    Thank you for helping the reader to do this.


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