Downsizing the Tools Meant Upsizing the Stash!

Oops!  Sometimes I forget to think things through …

Once I made the decision to return to art full time, it took me a while to figure out what direction I would take.  I consciously took the time to explore and experiment with different mediums.  After many years away from wool I was still enchanted by its feel but, I couldn’t see bringing my floor loom into our little house.  That would have to wait until I got a real studio.

I cleaned out my pens, tried my oil pastels – those felt great.  I took a few workshops in collage, mosaics and jewelry making.  I thought I knew where I was headed.  Yes, well… there were a few more turns in the road.

My sister and I took a wet felting workshop.  It was ok but it didn’t speak to me.  Lucky for me the teacher took advantage of the last half hour of the class to introduce us to needle felting.

I broke a needle, stabbed my fingers and, I fell in love.  My fingers were happy.  

It wasn’t long before I rustled up all kinds of wool to keep my fingers happy.  Such a nice little tool box to carry around in my pocket (1″x 3.5″) .

The clincher was a visit to the Manitoba Fibre Festival.  It was a soft heaven.  I felt right at home among the people, the rich colours, the luscious batts, rovings and skeins.  I knew what I’d be doing for a while.

All this to say that I didn’t bring the loom into the house but, I let the sheep in!

serta sheep1 cropped

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