A cropped photo of a quilted treasure chest bag.

Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen


Avast ye mateys.

I’m putting me sail out, to see where the wind takes me … possibly to some uncharted isles and adventures with treasures … Not all treasure is silver and gold!

And that decision was done without a single drop of rum … yarrrrh

Just wanted to tell all ye scurvy dogs that I sent in me white flag and the captain says there won’t be need for mutiny … they’ll let me off at the next port.

Yes, me hearties, I’ve hoisted the colours and am waving me pirate hat to y’all.  It’s been a slice working with ye and hope we’ll be meetin’ again in some port o’ call where the winds send our sails.

Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be?  I’m a pirate after all !!!  EeeeeRrrrr

This is part of the note I sent to my colleagues when I decided to leave Parks Canada and redefine my life as an artist.  I was leaving the ER department (ERrrrrr!)

               Recalibrating …

                          life is good.

Ball and skeins of hand dyed, handspun wool. Photo by Emily Christie.

I am discovering treasures at every port.


treasure bag - copieThis lovely bag was given to me by my friend and colleague Bev Crowston when I left Parks Canada. At that time, Bev was well into her own journey of discovery and has been creating the most beautiful quilts inspired by her own treasures and adventures.

This bag is one of her creations. It comes with a spirit of kindness, originality, inspiration, abundance, strength and nourishment. I stuff it with bits and bobs with meaning, materials, findings, notes and quotes, books, sketches, tools and photos. It is most often overflowing.

Lucky me.

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