Figureworks Art Prize

Congratulations! It is my pleasure to let you know that our jury has selected your piece as a finalist in the Figureworks 2019 exhibition and to advance into the final jury round. 

* Figureworks Prize.

It is exciting to have your art be recognized by a professional jury. Even more so when it is one of 35 pieces selected for the exhibit from 530 Canadian and international works, then, when it is awarded 4th in the final jury round in situ. I have to admit I was quick to plan my trip to accompany my piece to Ottawa for the vernissage in November 2019. 

It was a memorable few days of meeting with exhibiting artists and show directors as well as gallery visits. Good food and wine and so many discussions about art and all its facets filled the days. After the show setup, I was offered an individual tour of the exhibit with the curator Hilde Lambrechts, Figureworks founder and vice-president. She explained all that went into her work in designing the exhibit and how my piece fit into the show as the anchor. Such lovely, generous hosts and fellow artists left me inspired and grateful for this community and for what art can accomplish. 

Statement by show curator, Hilde Lambrechts.

THE ARTWORK: Esprit Des aulniers

ARTIST STATEMENT: Researching her mother’s maiden name, Desaulniers, Rosemarie discovered the alder (aulne) was one of the trees in the druids’ sacred grove. She melds wood and wool to personify these ancient repositories of communal wisdom. The quiet, meditative act of needle-felting is as important to the work as the soft natural fibres and rough, textured bark.

The head is hand needle-felted wool around a slab of wood bark. Roving and locks from five different heritage breeds of sheep were used in the making. With her tiny barbed wands she teases the natural fibres, encouraging the spirits within to migrate from wood to wool to maker’s hand. 

33H x 11W x 18D inches / 84H x 28W x 46D cm 

Esprit Des aulniers photos by Emily Christie

The vernissage itself was a bit overwhelming with 200+ in attendance. It was a whirlwind evening and was over before I got to speak with all those I wanted to chat with…

Rosemarie chatting with some art lovers.
Still Standing! The inimitable Figureworks organizers, almost ready to close the doors after a smashingly successful evening.

From the media release: Figureworks, an Ottawa-based art prize with a growing international reputation, yesterday revealed the 35 artist finalists selected for its 10th show. This year the prize received a record 530 entries from 346 artists located across Canada and internationally. 

“We are thrilled to announce another incredible selection of art,” said Mark Stephenson, President of Figureworks. “Over the past ten years we have grown significantly, providing hundreds of artists from around the world the opportunity to exhibit works of the human form in their medium of choice within a safe and accepting environment. Each year the show is outstanding, this year is no exception.” 

The figurative art scene continues to grow globally, with schools, juried shows, and organizations that feature figurative art seeing an exponential increase in the last few years. Since it first began in 2010, Figureworks has been a leader in cultivating and exhibiting art of the human form. 

Finalists were selected from a distinguished jury who bring a depth and breadth of experience across art forms – Michael Davidge, an artist, writer, and independent curator; Andrew Morrow, award winning artist and Professor in the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa; and Joanne Stober, a curator, art critic and teacher in the Visual Arts faculty at the University of Ottawa and Adjunct Professor at Carleton University in the School of Art and Culture. (…)

Photos by Ming Wu of the evening and awards posted on PhotogMusic

Gallery of all finalists for Figureworks2019

I am grateful for generous contributions to my travel to the vernissage by by the Canada council for the Arts and the Manitoba Arts Council.

Manitoba Arts Council - Conseil des Arts du Manitoba

6 thoughts on “Figureworks Art Prize

  1. Rosemarie,

    My most sincere congratulations to you on being awarded 4th in the final jury round in situ for the Figureworks exhibit November 2019!

    Esprit Des aulniers captures my entire being. Indeed, the Spirits communicate through the wood, to the wool, by your hand to me.

    Utterly breathtaking.

    Liked by 1 person

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