HRH The Prince of Wales

Franco-manitoban fibre artist Rosemarie Péloquin talks about the wool bust of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales she was commissioned to create by Campaign for Wool Canada to celebrate 10 years of the global Campaign for Wool.

When I make faces I am constantly surprised with how they evolve in my hands.

I’m proud of this finished work that shows the kind, intelligent, attentive person that I see in HRH. He is leaning slightly forward, always listening, and there is a bit of a charming grin just starting.

As any artwork there is more to it than the likeness.

The medium and the act of felting is important to the work as well. Wool is a fibre that connects us to nature and to community.

To begin with, HRH is the patron of the Campaign for Wool that promotes the benefits of the fibre and the people and community that grow it in a sustainable manner. It was a brilliant idea to make his bust out of the fibre he promotes.

The process of needle-felting is important to the work as well. It is slow, quiet, contemplative work that requires you to be all in with your hands and mind. The quiet crunch of the needle the pull and push as it resists and tugs, connecting tighter and tighter as it felts into a very strong solid piece.

It symbolizes the coming together of community and the sum of all our tiny actions over time as we go through life towards a positive impact in the world. A small tool, shared knowledge, openness of spirit, creativity, time, patience and connection … next thing you know you have a movement that grows strong towards solutions to save our future.

Recently I watched one of his HRH’s interviews where he spoke about the circular economy and the Sustainable Markets Council where, after 40 years of effort and dedication, suddenly, he said, the interest has become enormous – Now that’s called an overnight success.

We don’t know where and when our actions will matter but they do. And when they do, the ball is already rolling.

Yes, the eyes are wool too.

About The Campaign For Wool — Initiated by its Patron, HRH The Prince of Wales, the Campaign for Wool is a global endeavour to raise awareness about the unique, natural and sustainable benefits of wool and currently runs across the globe in 13 different countries.

The photos of The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall that you see in the video were taken at the launch of Campaign For Wool Canada in Pictou, Nova Scotia during their 2014 Royal Tour.

The sculpture is hand-needle-felted out of Canadian wool from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It stands at 22 in. (56cm) on a piece of Elm with a vegetable oil based finish.

Video Credits: Director: Joseph Péloquin-Hopfner; Camera and editing: Philippe Bellefeuille; HRH photos at the inauguration: Campaign For Wool Canada.

8 thoughts on “HRH The Prince of Wales

  1. I marvel at how your creations come to life! Wonderful art work Rosemarie❣️Over tea one day, I had the privilege of watching you sculpture with a mass of wool and a simple barbed needle. Magical


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  3. Your fibre friends are very proud of you Rosemarie. Not only have you completed a marvellous bust of Prince Charles, as shown here, now you have also completed a wool felted bust of Queen Elizabeth! June 2022


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